How Hawley Got Rodeo Contract, 1960

from Hawley Herald newspaper article, 1960

Why was Hawley, a village with a 1960 population of 1,264 persons, selected as the site of the RCA rodeo for northwestern Minnesota and eastern North Dakota? This question has been asked by many inquisitive individuals during the past few months.
There are two reasons: first, that Hawley is centrally located between the two most densely populated areas of the great Northwest – Fargo- Moorhead and the Red River Valley to the west, and the lake resort region to the east.

Second, Hawley Chamber of Commerce had discussed trying to bring such an event to Hawley for sometime. After investigating the rodeo program, the Chamber last January decided to take the gamble.

The Chamber contacted the Rodeo Cowboys Association, whose backing is necessary for any professional rodeo to be held. A representative was sent to Hawley, and a rodeo for Hawley was approved after Chamber members showed their earnestness in making it a success and the ideal location both from a geographical and population standpoint.

Approval was made shortly before several larger population centers in the Northwest made similar requests. Had the Hawley Chamber delayed a week in its request, there would have been no Hawley Rodeo.

But now there is a Hawley Rodeo, which has been organized and built largely through the volunteer donated labor of Hawley community residents and firms serving the area.

There has been little summer recreation for men of the Hawley community this year. Workers have been constructing the Hawley Rodeo grounds almost every evening this summer.

They are gambling on good weather for August 6 and 7, and are looking forward to huge crowds each day to insure the success of Hawley Rodeo.
A professional RCA rodeo is one of the most thrilling sporting events in the world, and Hawley Chamber members know that persons coming to Hawley Rodeo the first year will be back again and again through the years ahead.

If as many spectators come this year as anticipated, Hawley Rodeo will be an annual event and the great sporting spectacle of a professional rodeo will be available to residents of the great Northwest each summer in conveniently located Hawley.